Short Résumé

Kuvassa kirjailija Ville Hytönen 2018

I have done almost everything in the book industry except literary research. I have published, written, taught, criticized, translated, designed, even printed, handed out grants and did the labor lobby. I have written promotional texts, organized clubs, interviewed and hosted events.

Now I just want to be a writer.

In few words

All started from High School, where at age of 19 I founded publishing company Savukeidas. Maybe at first that was an arrogant gesture to announce for the literature scene that I’m here too. But in a few years it became a real work and I published about 400 books during the years 2001-2019.

In 2006 I also became an author of my own books and since then it has been my main income, though it sounds funny: somebody writes poems to get money and publishes books just for a hobby. Now I have written about 50 books (with 10 publishing agreements for forthcoming ones).

Among these things I have done some others like run a small bookstore or represented writers in the Union of Finnish Writers.

Jobs started

Founded Tulenkantajat literature award with others

Started Savukeidas Publishing among others

Was one of the founders of Burning Bridge Literature Agency

Set up Turku Kirjan talo Literature House with others

Built Tulenkantajat Book Store with others

Pressed the starting button of with others.

Main jobs done

Publishing Director, Savukeidas Publishing
(2001 – 2019)
I started an 18-year-long journey as a book publisher when I was only 19 years old. At the age of 37 I figured that all my adult life I had been a publisher, so I needed something else.

Junior Executive, Bookshop “Tulenkantajat”
With another publisher we started a book shop and venue for the literature happenings in Tampere, “The Manchester of Finland”. We sold our shop to another publisher a couple of years later.

Member of the Board, Union of Finnish Writers
I have said it quite many times before: I have dedicated my life to literature and my fellow writers.