Foreign Rights

There are wor(l)ds to discover. Some of them you can find from Lighthouse Valley.

We have some treasures here. Wait and I’ll get them from the drawer.

Bug Forest

Bug Forest is a serie of tales from the world of the smallest of us, the bugs. These bugs are friends of mine, and I’m sure that they will be your friends too.

“Hytönen peers into the secret world of insects in this delightful mix of poetry and prose. Bug Forest’s array of creatures ranges from angst-filled to well-meaning but stinky, and the mood alternates between rambunctious and lyrical. His warm and descriptive prose charms both kids and grown-ups, and Virpi Penna’s gentle, unforgettable illustrations bring the characters to life.”

Winter in Bug Forest is freezing, but sometimes little bugs’ love lets it warm up a bit! After the beautiful summer, Mr. Douglas makes his round to chat with all the bugs in the forest. He wants to find out more about their winter plans: who will hibernate, who won’t? Will the little litterbugs Muck and Grime really visit a bathhouse with their aunt? And who is now the every-changing object of Lovejoy’s affection?

Winter In Bug Forest is an independent sequel to Tales from Bug Forest, including a warm and descriptive mix of poetry and prose, accompanied by gentle, unforgettable illustrations that bring the characters to life. The book includes 8 tales and 4 poems about the everyday life in Bug Forest.

Winter In Bug Forest was nominated for Arvid Lydecken prize for the best Finnish children’s book in 2019.

Wheezy Donky and Wonky Monkey

A tale of friendship celebrationg all the things that make us different.

Two lonely creatures – a donkey with weak lungs and a clumsy monkey – are both mocked and shunned by other animals because of their respective oddities. But what happens when the donkey and the monkey meet and decide that being wheezy or wonky are, in fact, qualities to proudly sing about?

Wheezy Donky and Wonky monkey was nominée for the best children book of the year 2013 “Finlandia Junior”.

Little Mateli’s Song & A Girl called Margarine

Serie of strong mythical girls of Far North.

Little Mateli is a thumb-sized girl who lives in the branches of a great tree that supports the sky. Mateli sings all day long so beautifully that people gather to hear her voice, and the trees and plants grow with her melodies. But what happens when Little Mateli is too tired to sing?

Little Mateli’s Song is a magical story about one person’s actions, the importance of community, and the natural world that surrounds us all.

This book is suitable to read aloud as a bedtime story, as well as a lovely tale for your child to read on their own.

Little Mateli’s song was nominated for Arvid Lydecken prize for the best Finnish children’s book in 2020.